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Wool pressing Singles Competitor

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If one wants to see “muscles in motion” then the Wool pressing Championships deliver this, and more!

It ‘s common knowledge that one of the most demanding physical activities in the wool shed operation is that of the pressers. The job demands not only having to pen hundreds of animals, tramp and press a few thousand kilos of wool per day, but also fill and boil that kettle so everyone can enjoy smoko!

The skill, strength and power of these individuals can only be admired. Golden Shears recognised and appreciated the task of the Wool pressers as a vital part of the wool industry and incorporated a Pressing Championship into the programme from 1986.

The 2000 Championships saw a Women’s pressing competition included which proved an outstanding success, and we now have an extension to the Wool pressing with both men’s and women’s singles pressing, plus a pairs competition.

The Wool pressing continues to be an extremely popular event with both audience and participants alike, with the mens final onstage on Friday night.