The world's premier shearing and wool handling championship takes place in Masterton, home of Golden Shears since 1961.

The Golden Shears logo has become an internationally recognised trademark that symbolises both quality and excellence in the skilful art of shearing and wool handling. The three days of competitions  encompass novice, junior, intermediate, senior and open shearing  along with novice, junior, senior and open wool handling plus singles & pairs wool pressing as well as the coveted triathlon award.From the dreams and inspirations of a few enthusiastic young farmers many years ago, the greatest shearing competition in the world was born.


Shearing has progressed from being a physically demanding and arduous farm task to being recognised as an elite sporting pursuit with an outcome that contributes to the economic wellbeing of New Zealand.


From 1985 wool handling competitions have become an integral part of shearing events throughout the country. In fact one could say wool handling is the biggest growth industry on the New Zealand shearing circuit.


If one wants to see “muscles in motion” then the Wool pressing Championships deliver this, and more!

It ‘s common knowledge that one of the most demanding physical activities in the wool shed operation is that of the pressers.


3 days of non stop-action and entertainment, The Golden Shears is the pinnacle of International Shearing and Wool Handling competitions.

The enthralling Open Final is a heart stopping tightrope walk of speed and quality.

6 men pitted against each other with 20 sheep each, as the entire stadium watches on the edge of their seats and 70,000 people around the world watch the live broadcast to see who will be crowned with the most prestigious shearing title in the world.

Our coverage of the event via our own Golden Shears TV is unsurpassed by any shearing competition in the World, but you can't beat the excitement of being there to witness history being made and to soak up the lanolin infused atmosphere as the sweat drips off competitors brows.

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