Shearing Competitor

 Gavin Mutch Open Shearing winner
 Gavin Mutch Open Shearing winner

Shearing Competitor

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Tally guidelines:

Novice -            Up to 50 adult sheep/60 lambs  in an 8 hour day
Junior -             Up to 205 adult sheep/265 lambs in an 8 hour day
Intermediate -  Up to 305 adult sheep/380 lambs in an 8 hour day
Senior -             Up to  405 adult sheep/505 lambs in an 8 hour day
Veteran -          Must be over 60 years of age.
Open -              Over 405 adult sheep/505 lambs in an 8 hour day.

Shearing has progressed from being a physically demanding and arduous farm task to being recognised as an elite sporting pursuit with an outcome that contributes to the economic well-being of New Zealand.

Using the NZ developed Bowen technique, a true tradesman/sportsman will efficiently remove the fleece from the sheep without double cutting the wool fibre or causing injury to the animal or self, all at speed. Judges closely watch, monitor and assess these key aspects.

The Bowen technique is globally widely used, although there are some parts of the world that still use other less efficient methods.

Shearing is something that seems to ‘get into the blood’ and as a result the competitive scene can cater for the spectrum from Novice, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Open grades. Add to that Young Farmer team & individual events,  and International Tests means there is something for everyone to enjoy.

There is something truly magical and inspiring watching the strength, grace, power and precision of an open shearing final.